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KHI Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
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Company Introduction

Every minute, every hour, every day, someone out there is protecting themselves and their loved ones with a KHI helmet. Whether it is travelling to work or going home, countless lives are being protected each day with the finest of helmets. With so many trusting KHI Helmets, to produce one that is nothing less than perfect is an understatement to say the least.


From cutting edge technology to the most forward innovation to a group of highly skilled personnel, we are obsessed with quality. Each helmet we make is produced with the highest set of manufacturing principles and processes to ensure each helmet is second to none. After all, when so many trust us with their lives, our commitment to quality cannot be less than perfect.


With over 40 years of experience in hand, KHI Helmets has always been setting new standard that are almost impossible for others to follow. Our helmets are certified with the ECE 22.05 (European Homologation) and the MS:1: 1996 (Malaysian Sirim Standard), a mark of guarantee of their quality.


So it's no surprise our helmets are top of their class. Making helmets is half art, half science that we have perfected through the years. With various stylish designs, our helmets are designed to express your unique personality.


When it comes to helmets, we humbly say that we know. After all, a helmet is not just a helmet. It's about protecting lives. And with a name like KHI Helmets, you can enjoy your ride as our slogan goes-  Ride Is Fun